GaN LED Chip

GaN LED is a semiconductor material with direct energy gap. Its energy gap is 3.4 ev, while AlN is 6.3 ev, and InN is 2.0 ev. When these materials are mixed, the energy gap can be continuously changed from 2.0 ev to 2.0 ev. 6.3ev, so you can get colors ranging from ultraviolet, violet, blue, green to yellow.

At present, the most successful GaN components are high-brightness blue and green LEDs. Due to the successful development of GaN high-brightness blue and green LEDs, outdoor full-color LED displays and LED traffic signals have been realized, and various LED applications have become more widespread. Exciting phosphors with high-brightness blue LEDs can produce white light. Its low power consumption and long life characteristics may replace incandescent bulbs for general lighting in the future. The market potential of GaN LEDs is very strong.



  • High Brightness & Long Life Term
  • Chip 100 Test & Sorting
  • Excellent wavelength & Light Intensity
  • ESD Full Test
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