0815B Blue

Product Category:GaN LED Chip

Appearance Parameter

  • Chip Size:8mil x 12mil (152±15µm x 345±15µm)
  • Chip thickness:85±10µm
  • P Electrode:60±5µm
  • N Electrode:60±5µm


  • P Electrode:Gold
  • N Electrode:Gold
  • Substrate:Sappfire

Modify the date:2018-11-21

Electro-optical Characteristics at Ta=25℃

Name Symbol Unit Min Type Max Test Condition
Forward Voltage Vf V 2.9 / 3.3 IF=120mA
Resverse Current IR µA 0 / 0.1 VR=-7V
Dominant Wavelengh WLD nm 445 / 465 IF=120mA
Luminous Intensity Po mW 26 / 36 IF=120mA


Absolute Max Ragteings at Ta=25℃

Name Symbol Condition Rating Test Condition
Forward Voltage If Ta=25°C ≤30 mA
Reverse Voltage Vr Ta=25°C ≤7 V
Junction Temp. Tj / ≤125
Storage Temp. Tstg Chip -40~+85
Storage 0~+40
Shipping -20~+65
Package Temp. / / 280(<10s)



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