Employee Benefits and Retirement

We have many welfare measures to take good care of our staff, especially about their work, life, safety, health and other aspects.
In addition to improving the remuneration and benefits of employees, we also provide a stable and prospective working-environment, so that talented people are creating value stably and continuously!

We provide well security system, according to the law to provide retirement and labor insurance, complete education and training, incentive pay and so on. The basic conditions of the labor, including two days off every week, flexible working hours and the complete leave system, so that employees could achieve a perfect balance between life and work.  In respect of health and work security, every employee has a regular health Checkup and ensures a complete group insurance, in addition to basic benefits such as labor insurance, health insurance, and corporate pension plan, and is based on the Labor Pension Ordinance.  We have the well staff retirement system in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.
  Employee Benefits